Re: Old DC-10 attitude problem...

Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:40 
From:         "Walter E. Shepherd" <>
Organization: The Aerospace Corporation
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Mary Shafer wrote:
Other comments deleted for brevity
> The 747 does have an unpleasant ride in the very back if the ride
> smoothing is turned off, but it's pretty nice otherwise.  We went
> around the world (Pan Am flt 1) in 1979 or so, sitting in the
> next-to-last row in the plane.  Even with the turbulence in the
> tropics, the ride was quite comfortable.  The body bending modes were
> pretty easy to see; looking up the aisle it was possible to see the
> fuselage flexing.

This reminded me of the only time (c 1978?) I saw such body bending...
it was a stretched DC-8 (DC-8-63, if I recall correctly) which is
probably the best candidate.  Threading our way thru 3 tornados into
ORD... I was seated in the last row, which was where the fuselage
narrowed enough for the usual 3x3 seating to drop to 3x2. My seat
extended out into the aisle, which gave me an unwanted, full length and
continuous view of the vertical flexing of the fuselage. I recall one or
two plastic ceiling panels coming loose and dropping to the floor on
that one... it still makes me shy away from ORD to this day.

Walt Shepherd.