Re: BA 146

Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:37 
From: (Ann Downey/Fergus Kavanagh)
Organization: Ireland On-Line
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>In <airliners.1997.510@ohare.Chicago.COM> (William
>L. Thomas) writes:
>>I used to see many of the STOL BA 146(?)flying throughout the US. The
>>last few years they seem to have disappeared. Where did they go and
>>what was the cause of their demise?

>You can't make money with them.  Engine maintenance is the killer.

>    First it was a tank engine;
>    Upgraded to a helicopter engine;
>    Upgraded to fanjet in BAe-146;
>    By Lycoming, Textron-Lycoming, Allied-Signal.

They are quite popular here in Dublin, so someone must be able to make
money out of them.