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Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:37 
From: (Tofly4you)
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>There are still lots of what used to be called BAe 146s (now called Avro
>RJ70/85/90) still around.  ASA out of Atlanta has recently taken
>delivery of a whole bunch of RJ85s and is flying them around the
>southeast.  I've seen them at LAX (TriStar, now defunct) and other
>places.  There are also loads of them in Europe (Aer Lingus Commuter,
>Lufthansa, Jersey European, etc).

Atlantic Southeast has 5 of the type with options on 15 more, although I
doubt they'll pick it up because of their recent order of 30 Canadari RJs.
 ASA has not been happy with the engine's performance - big surprise.
United Express carrier Air Wisconsin has 15 of the type and Northwest
Airlink carrier Mesaba Airlines is taking on 12 Avro RJ85s (2-class, 69
seats) in April. Air Atlantic in Canada has a few. The rest are
concentrated in Europe, with some in Australia.

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