Re: Ethiopian 767 crash

Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:47 
From: (Simon Craig)
Organization: OzEmail Ltd - Australia
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>Only one hitch here- without fuel, the crew would have been reduced to
>basic 3-axis control (that's all the ram air turbine can do). The flaps
>and slats could not be deployed. As for being level, that's not so easy
>either- I recalled reading in Freefall (the book about the Gimli Glider)
>that the controls are much harder to use when powered by the RAT than
>under full power. Furthermore, some reports say that the pilots were
>trying to fight off the hijackers as they were ditching the plane. Still
>think they could have done a better job??

There is in fact (at least on QF planes anyway) hydraulic flap movement -
but at a much reduced rate) with the RAT, but from the video it is obvious
no t/e flap was used, I can't see the front of the wing clearly enough to
say anything about the leading edges.

As for how the pilot rates, I think he did a stirling job in very
difficult circumstances.  Remember that saying, "any landing you can walk
away from is a good landing."


Simon Craig

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