Re: Dumb Douglas: nee - DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:34 
From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
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Filip De Vos wrote:
> : Douglas killed the DC-8 to launch the DC-10.
> Was the CFM allready in the works then? I remember reading in a story
> about SPANTAX, a Spanish charter airline, that they were planning to
> re-fan their Super sixties, should the offer be made, but I think that
> was with the JTD8? Memory is tenuous.

Yes it was... an interesting fact I recently read about the CFM-56
series (in 'Encyclopedia of Aero Engines' by Gunston). Gunston says that
the CFM 56 existed for nearly 10 years before it really caught on. If I
remember right, CFMI was formed around 1970 or a little before,  the
basic engine first ran in the early 70's, but didn't sell in large
numbers until the 737-300 in '81 (all dates may be off by a couple of
years... I read the chapter on CFMI, thought 'hmmm, interesting' and
then never re-read it). As for re-fanning with JT8D's, I think that all
the JT8-D series engines prior to the -200 had about the same thrust or
less than a JT4 turbojet, and definitely LESS than the JT3D turbofan...
in other words, 'not much of an upgrade' in terms of performance,
although noise and efficiency would improve. I do wonder why the CFM-56
is the upgrade of choice now instead of the JT8D-200. I guess the answer
is 'its been done and certificated.'

On a different subject, but one that started from this thread....
You mentioned SPANTAX... Were they not the last airline to operate the
Convair CV-990 Coronado? It certainly gets my vote as one of the
'sexiest airliners' of all time, even if it was a total failure in the
marketplace. And it had some sexy engineering features too... like the
clever aft-fan development of the GE J-79 engine. Plus, the only
airliner with a higher cruise speed than the Coronado is the Concorde.
Does anyone know if Coronados are still flying anywhere? I remember
being shocked when I saw one at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl. about 6
years ago. I wondered what it was doing there at first, but soon found
out. It was being broken up for scrap... it left in small pieces.

Stephen Lacker
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