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Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:34 
From:         Reid Fairburn <>
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At 02:45 AM 3/1/97, you wrote:
>I am reading DEBT OF HONOR by Tom Clancy and was wondering about something.
>At the start of chapter 39, it explains how Japanese consulates in Seattle,
>San Fran, New York, and Honolulu were vacated and the Japanese were flown to
>Vancouver.  The people from Honolulu boarded a United 737 for a five hour trip
>to BC.  How plausible would it be for the 737 to make this hop?

The airplane could make the trip in fact, however, their are a lot of
regulations pertaining to aircraft equipment that would have to be met in
order to make this a passenger carrying trip.  The best way to go is to put
on GPS to meet the nav requirements but I am not sure the airplane will meet
other ETOPS requirements such as time to alternates, extra fuel, or
whatever.  United certainly could not do this on other than a ferry flight
at the current time.

Reid Fairburn
Creative Kingdom, Inc.