Re: Boeing cancels 747-500X/600X?

Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:33 
From: (Simon Craig)
Organization: OzEmail Ltd - Australia
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>On the range front, I wonder if QF & NZ would be interested in longer
>range aircraft.  While both airlines have always been early customers for
>long range models (especially the 767 ERs and 747-400) the 747-400 can
>reach the entire Pacific rim and the lucrative parts of Asia as far as
>India from both AKL and SYD.  The only potentially significant route that
>I can see that QF & NZ can't fly right now is AKL/SYD to New York, and I
>just can't see them buying an aircraft for one route, even if they could
>get landing rights at JFK or EWR.

I personally think there is a market for a bit more range.  I've been stuck
in LAX when our (QF) 747-400s were weight limited due to weather, etc.
That is, people being bumped off the flight just so that it could get back
to Sydney in one go.  Surely that is an indication of a less than perfect
range on one of our (if not the most) popular routes?

>I suspect that a 767 with 747-400 range would be welcome though.  That
>would mean an easier transition between n and n+1 747-400 flights on
>congested routes, as well as serving long thin routes.

I can see Qantas being quite interested in a longer range 767.  That is, if
they ever decide to buy another a/c.

>Being able to fly AKL/SYD to LHR direct would make QF & NZ very, very
>happy, but that's not on the cards for the near future.

What a flight that would be...


Simon Craig

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