Re: MD80 and ETOPS (and ferry flights)

Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:32 
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>A few years back, about '94 I noticed at LAX a Hawaiian Airlines
>DC-9, and I was thinking, "is this thing flying to Hawaii?" as
>I figured it was inconceivable to fly that route...

>Perhaps it was on lease, but it was in full livery...

All of Hawaiian's DC-9s are DC-9-51 models, which AW&ST says have
a still-air range of 1,260 miles, not even half the distance from

It was probably a delivery flight of a "new" (to Hawaiian) aircraft.
One of their DC-9s, N679HA, was delivered to Hawaiian in April 1994.
Before that, it had been stored at Mojave, so it might well have
stopped at LAX on its delivery flight.

Before the debate resurges on how such a plane gets to Hawaii if it
doesn't have the range for the trip, there's been much past debate on
this point.  See for
those old discussions.  Obviously some range is gained by flying with
no payload and possibly at slower speeds and/or lower altitudes.
When that's still not enough, I suggested ferry tanks.  Others said
no way and offered a routing that would reach Hawaii from Asia --
island hopping from that direction allows a much smaller range.

Well, last summer, United leased a 737-222 to Aloha.  To get it from
SFO to Hawaii, they installed seven 200 gallon ferry tanks, with the
displaced seats being stored aft to be re-installed once the plane
reached Hawaii.

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