Re: Ethiopian 767 crash

Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:47 
From:         Carl Peters <>
Organization: Internet 1st, Inc
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jfmezei wrote:

> The amateur video shot from the beach does not show any of the plane's
> fuselage breaking up. But the tail section seems attached to the fuselage
> all the  way to that moment where everything becomes obscured by water spray.
> I would appreciate any comments on what details to look for in the video
> to detect that fuselage was broken etc etc.

It is possible to see fuselage breakup in the video - indirectly. After
the left engine contacts the water, the plane quickly yaws, the right wing
rises, but look closely at the relationship of the tail/horizontal
stabilizer to the right wing. The tail's relationship changes, with more
twisting. This implies a fracturing somewhere inbetween the rear wing spar
and the tail.

The left engine can be seen shearing by drag forces upon contacting the
water (they have pylon 'fuse' pins meant to shear under high stress, so
an unbalanced engine can fall clean off, not breaking the main wing box
or ripping hydraulics that typically run along the front spar in the
leading edge,etc.). Looking closely, the engine appears as a brief shadow
ripping back.