Re: Re[2]: C-130s and other military aircraft

Date:         03 Mar 97 01:30:13 
From: (Louis A. Ramsay)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1997.570@ohare.Chicago.COM> "Peter Mchugh"
<> writes:
>>Meg Appleton wrote:
>>> I was curious if the C-130's and C-141's have any commercial

>     I think it is not true that C-130s(L-382) are operating in civil
>     use...the C-130 is a military aircraft which is on the Department
>     of State embargo list and therefore is not eligible for
>     exportation.
>     Some civilian versions (L-100, etc) are in use but have mods
>     which make them different from the military version. (removal of
>     air drop rails, etc.).  This aircraft has FAA civil
>     certification.

     Years ago, Alaska Airlines had three L-382B's.  We used these
aircraft both for civilian and military freight.  The interior of the
plane had all the rails and such identical to its C-130E brother.  We
would haul 463-L pallets that secured the same on our Hercs as they did
on the military Hercs.