Re: C-130s and other military aircraft

Date:         03 Mar 97 01:30:13 
From: (Louis A. Ramsay)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1997.571@ohare.Chicago.COM> "P. Wezeman"
<> writes:
>On 13 Feb 1997, rhett wrote:
>> To my knowledge, the C-141 is not in civil use except for a couple
>>that NASA use.
>   I seem to recall that Lockheed had some hopes of selling civilian
>Starlifters but that was many years ago and the plane is obsolete now.

     A few months after the production of the C-141 stopped, there was
a short blurb in AWST about some third-world countries approaching
Lockheed regarding purchase of Starlifters.  Only problem was the jigs
and dies had belonged to the U.S. Air Force and, when Lockheed didn't
want to buy them, they were cut up for scrap.