Re: Toilet sucks in child

Date:         03 Mar 97 01:30:13 
From: (Gary Moffitt)
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In article <airliners.1997.579@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Ken
<> wrote:

> I remember hearing about an incident that happened aboard a Connie some
> (read many) years ago:
> A lady sat on a lav toilet in which the outside servicing plug had not
> been secured properly.  The aircraft had a cabin pressure leak through
> the opening and when she sat down, she effectively sealed sealed the
> leak.  Of course, she couldn't get up off the toilet.  The flight
> engineer figured out the problem (amid much embarrasment) and the
> aircraft had to be descended and depressurized to free her recalcitrant
> posterior.

I have always been skeptical about these lavatory sucking people in
stories, and this is an example of why.  On a conventional (non vacuum)
airline toilet there is at least one and sometimes two valves between the
toilet and the outside of the airplane.  The cap is the last valve in
series, so not only would it had to have been off, the valve in the bottom
of the tank would have had to have been open and on some aircraft there is
another valve between the holding tank valve and the cap which also would
have had to have been open. So you are really talking abou three failures
that would have had to have occurred to suck someone into a conventional
toilet.  Possible, yes. Likely, no.  Besides if all the valves were open
and the cap were missing that toilet would be screaming with the air
rushing through it.

Gary S. Moffitt