Re: ET 767 Ditch

Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:47 
From:         "Leo Kok" <>
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Most famous I recall was a Eastern Ailrines(??) DC9 in the Carribean circa 1963
or so.  Fuel starvation.. the classic ditching scenario. An RAF Nimrod went
down 2 years ago in the North Sea.  Classic failure when the tail portion
cracked off.  Crew survived by waitng on the wing till search and rescue came.
 Conditions were calm and clear.

Emergency procedures were not followed the A/C did come down safely but most
injuries to occupants were due to not being properly strapped in.  Subsequently
some that were knocked drowned.  A number of people did perish.  A/C remained
afloat for some six minutes suggesting major damage to the A/C.

depth of water was no more than 10-15 metres.  GEAR UP on water landing just
like in the video.  If any of the gears would hit they would cause a nose over
moment on the A/C causing opposite accelarations to those on the A/C.
 Increased risk to cracking the A/C's back and ripping it open.  This is not
desirable.  One would want to keep the A/C intact during such an event.

Leo J.J. Kok
Structures R&D Engineer,
de Havilland Inc.