Re: Splashproof?

Date:         02 Mar 97 15:18:06 
From: (RD Rick)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1997.546@ohare.Chicago.COM> (John H
Kim) writes:
>This came up in a discussion I was having with a friend.  How
>resistant are the electronics in a typical airliner cockpit to
>spilled drinks?  What sorts of procedural and deesign safeguards
>are there?

It's always been a problem.  Coca Cola is nasty.  To dissolve it, you
have to apply more Coca Cola.  Waterproofing of the cockpit items from
liquid spills should be, or is a requirement.  Little things, like
placing cupholders to the outside, rather than near the center
pedestal, have helped.  In the 737, spilled drinks can run downstairs
onto the weather radar transceiver and other stuff, so a drip shield is
placed above them.