Re: Is the 747-100 really "too" old ?

Date:         02 Mar 97 15:18:06 
From: (Ken)
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Jean-Francois Mezei <"[nospam]jfmezei"> wrote:

>Recent news reports about TWA800 has shown one of the relatives speaking
>out on the 747-100 after a tour of the NTSB reconstruction site. He said
>that the plane was well past its planned lifetime and should have been
>retired years ago.

That is nothing but utter crap from someone that is trying to get a
lot of money from a lawsuit. What would you expect him to say? Do you
believe OJ when he says he is innocent? As a pilot for a major airline
flying the 747 I can tell you there is absolute NO truth in that
statement whatsoever.