Re: Help ID Piedmont Propeller Planes, Please

Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:47 
From: (Bart Killam)
Organization: SAS Institute Inc.
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In article <airliners.1996.3031@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Brian Maddison) writes:

|> Not so. PI had 8 F-27, 10 FH-227 and 21 YS-11.

 I will defer to Brian on this one. Back when I lived
in Winston-Salem, 1964-1968, there seemed to be a lot
more F-27's (and FH-227's).

 I could not tell the F-27 and FH-227 apart; what
exactly was the difference between these aircraft ?

 On a related note, PI operated two 727's during the
early 1970's while waiting for their 737's. One of
these aircraft was involved in two accidents while
at PI.

  The planes were regularly towed across Liberty St.
in Winston-Salem from Smith Reynolds airport terminal
to for maintainance. During one of these crossings,
an intoxicated driver went through a set of lowered
gates and went under the plane, causing some expensive
damage, but no injuries.

 The second accident was much more tragic. A private
(Cessna ?) twin crashed into the cockpit of the 727
soon after taking off the Asheville, NC airport. I
don't think there was any survivors; someone might
have more details on this accident, which I think
was ruled an ATC error by the NTSB.

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