Re: Boeing cancels 747-500X/600X?

Date:         02 Mar 97 15:18:05 
From: (Ben)
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>> One project, according to Bair, is a 777-200X with 720,000 lbs MGTOW,
>> allowing a range of 8,500-9,000 nm.  (From Chicago, Perth is about the
>> only interesting city outside that range.  New York to Singapore or
>> Auckland are possible, with Sydney being within reach if the 9,000 nm
>> range is achieved.  London to Perth is even possible, though the more
>> commercially interesting eastern cities of Australia, and New Zealand,
>> are still out of reach.)

Boeing wants to devolop twin long range but there are many limits
(ETOPS, engine,etc...). It can announce, but it can not do yet.
More, 777 have many difficulties with fly by wire, a part of BQW and
CPA is grounded.

>> The article notes a Boeing market analysis that determined that most
>> 747s have been purchased for range, not capacity.  Here's how they
>> broke down the choices:
>>    60% range
>>    30% capacity
>>    10% Japanese domestic (obviously capacity, albeit specialized)

One year ago, Boeing said the contrary to justify 747 600X. Boeing
tries to convunce every one there is no market. But many airlines do
not believe in it, and they are the customers....

>Isn't the -500X the longer range derivative (similar capacity to -400)
>while the -600X the larger capacity derivative (similar range)?