Re: Boeing cancels 747-500X/600X?

Date:         02 Mar 97 15:18:05 
From: (Terry Schell)
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
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  or MIME structure (Michael Jennings) writes:
>	I can buy the flight separation argument, although I haven't seen
>figures suggesting that the A3XX will require more than the 747-400.
>(Can someone shed more light on this?).

I was just speculating; I don't really know if it will require more
separation.  I actually doubt that anyone (including the engineers at
Airbus) will be able to predict this very well.  I do know that more
efficient wings typically produce higher velocity wake vorticies.  It
is an important issue since if the new plane holds 20% more
passengers but requires 20% more separation and runway time the
congestion has not improved.

> Turnaround times depend to some
>extent on the efficiency of your ground operations. More gate space is
>normally much more politically easy to build than more runway capacity.
>Ditto (although perhaps to a lesser extent than gate space).

I think that getting larger gates will be a significant problem at the
airports that might benefit from the reduced congestion.  Increased
wingspan and fuselage lengths will mean that terminals will have to be
expanded into areas that are currently taxiways; resulting in a
different type of congestion.

Speaking of airport modifications... will the 3XX require longer
runways?  Is it too early to tell?

Terry Schell