Re: A300-300 of Air Inter

Date:         02 Mar 97 15:18:04 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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In article <airliners.1997.569@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Marc SCHAEFFER <> wrote:
>I wonder if cancelling the remaining orders was not more expensive than using
>the oversized plane, at least as long as buyers would have been found for all
>15 planes.
>Or did Airbus negociate the planes for Air Inter (or should I say Air France
>Europe) ?

(I had a post on this thread but it did not show up, so I'll repeat what
I said in the other post.)

In late 1995, Air Inter was negotiating with Philippine Airlines (PR) to sell
some or all of its A330s to PR.  IIRC, IT's pilot union voted down the
proposal.  In early 1996, PR announced a sizable Airbus order (8 A330s, 4
A340-300s, and 12 A320s).  My guess is PR took over IT's A330 delivery
positions, and IT is off the hook.

I think by dealing through Airbus, IT did not have to deal with the union
directly.  Perhaps, that's why the cancellation has never been officially

>By the way which type of plane replaces the A330-300 ?

I don't think the order was replaced.  IT is using smaller planes on the
routes that used to be serve by the A330.