Re: number of takeoffs per plane type

Date:         01 Mar 97 18:42:16 
From:         "GvE" <>
Organization: NLR
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Marc SCHAEFFER <> wrote in article
> I'm looking to find a place on the net (or elsewhere) where I can find
> the following information for all current and older planes :
> - total number of takeoffs (and hopefully landings) per plane type
> - total number of flight hours per plane type
> - total number of passengers per plane type

Total number of takeoff per plane type is very HOT information. There are
number of companies providing such information. That can cost you easily
$10,000 to $20,000. Unfortunaly, each of these companies cannot provide you
with the actual number of takeoffs per plane. They will claim that can, but
thrust me, it is not true!

If you find the number of takeoffs you also will find the number of
landings. They are the same!

You can find some data on the number of flights and passengers in the USA
on Bureau of Transportation Statistics homepage:

Good luck

Gerard van Es