Re[2]: C-130s and other military aircraft

Date:         01 Mar 97 18:42:15 
From:         "Peter Mchugh" <>
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>Meg Appleton wrote:
>> I was curious if the C-130's and C-141's have any commercial utility.
>> If someone gave them away, would they find productive use or would the
>> operating costs be simply too high?

>There are a lot of C130 in civil use, for freight or mixed PAX/ Freight
>Combination. Especially in Africa, this aircraft is popular and used in
>relief missions, and civil versions are named L100(reffering to Southern
>Air Transport)
>Concerning the C141, this is a unique A/C only used by the USAF. There
>is no civil application. The operation costs should be to high due to
>the lack of maintenance and fuel costs, as well as for the required
>noise regulations in some countries. there would also be a
>certifivcation problem, because there is no civil-certified airplane.
>(Maybe this would mean for the C130 that they have to copy with the
>certification of the L100)

     I think it is not true that C-130s(L-382) are operating in civil
     use...the C-130 is a military aircraft which is on the Department of
     State embargo list and therefore is not eligible for exportation.

     Some civilian versions (L-100, etc) are in use but have mods which
     make them different from the military version. (removal of air drop
     rails, etc.).  This aircraft has FAA civil certification.

     Some C-130s (military surplus?) have been made available for use in
     Department of Interior/Department of Agriculture programs (such as
     fire fighting) and these birds have been extensively modified for air
     drop of fire fighting chemicals...some of these are operated by
     civilian contractors...but are "public use" aircraft, which in the
     U.S.may meet slightly different requirements for
     airworthiness/certification standards/processes.  Such aircraft were
     traded to retire the last of the operational (for fire fighting) B-17s
     several years ago.

     I think that there may have been a couple of short term exceptions to
     the above where aircraft were bailed for humanitarian use (famine

     and it may be possible that at some point or another a contractor
     which operates C-130 for the above purposes used such an aircraft for
     a purpose/mission other than that for which the aircraft was made
     available...if this occurred, that contractor may have violated the
     intent of the conditions under which the aircraft was provided...but
     does not mean that C-130s are in general civilian use.