Re: A300-300 of Air Inter

Date:         01 Mar 97 18:42:15 
From:         "Marc SCHAEFFER" <>
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J. Heilig wrote :
>According to a friend who works (or I should say worked) for Air
>Inter,they were simply too big for Air Inter's needs.  They were
>flying them from Paris to Marseille less than half full most of the
>time.  That's why they didn't take any more and are getting rid of
>the ones they have.

I wonder if cancelling the remaining orders was not more expensive than using
the oversized plane, at least as long as buyers would have been found for all
15 planes.
Or did Airbus negociate the planes for Air Inter (or should I say Air France
Europe) ?
By the way which type of plane replaces the A330-300 ?

Marc SCHAEFFER, Luxembourg  (

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