Re: Blended-body snag?

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:02 
From:         Joules Potter <>
Organization: Typhoon
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In article <airliners.1997.466@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Paul Michaels
<> writes
>"P. Wezeman" <> wrote:
>I'm thinking of how the airlines felt they had to blank the first
>couple of windows at the front of a 747 (do they still do that?), this
>would be much more likely to frit 'em up than just seeing the clouds
>coming at you.


The front couple of rows of windows on the 747 are blanked for bird-
strike protection only, Boeing figured that the ordinary perspex see
through panes did not have the structural requirements needed to stop a
bird hitching a free ride in the cabin.

Riding out at the wing tip area would be a blast for the first 10
minutes, but it would play hell with the drinks and meal service.:-)



Joules Potter

Licenced Aircraft Engineer