B757 as /H (was: Airbus A320)

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:02 
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>Even if the weight division were made at, say, 240,000 lbs, some B757s
>would be included, and some B757s would NOT be included.

Not true.  An aircraft is considered a heavy if its *type* is rated
for a MGTOW of at least 300,000 lbs, even if the particular aircraft
in question has a lower MGTOW.

>Northwest B757s max out at 227,500.  DLs also max out somewhere in
>that weight range as well.

The info I have says Northwest's are all an even 220,000 lbs MGTOW,
while Delta's are 240,000 lbs.

>I think UAs domestic B757s max out in that range as well, but the
>ETOPS B757s are a higher gross weight version.

United's are all 230,000 lbs, even the ten ETOPS examples.  Perhaps
you were thinking of American?  All of AA's 757s were delivered with
a 240,000 lbs MGTOW, but the six ETOPS versions were later upgraded
to 250,000 lbs.

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