B757 as /H (was: Airbus A320)

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:02 
From:         D Snow <dougie@mama.indstate.edu>
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Correct, the B757 is indeed NOT considered a heavy aircraft, although it
should be.  If one looks at the weight divisions, 255,000 is the highest
max takeoff weight I have seen for any B757s, those at American Trans Air.


Even if the weight division were made at, say, 240,000 lbs, some B757s
would be included, and some B757s would NOT be included.  ATAs would be,
but Northwest B757s max out at 227,500.  DLs also max out somewhere in
that weight range as well.  I think UAs domestic B757s max out in that
range as well, but the ETOPS B757s are a higher gross weight version.

With B757s at MDW, the B757 is THE most overpowered subsonic airliner
around.  According to the B757 FAA Airplane flight manual, a B757 with
PW2037 engines has a single-engine service at max gross (ATA version) of
FL250.  Most B757s I have been on took only 20 seconds or so in the
takeoff run.  I was on a light B757 from YYZ to DTW a few years back on
NW, we weighed around 175,000 lbs, it was cold, snowy, and our takeoff run
was only 14 seconds long!

When we arrived at DTW so I could get the paperwork from the crew (I was
studying for the dispatchers written) I asked the captain about this, and
he said it wouldve been 10 seconds for the takeoff run if he had used
max thrust, as opposed to the TO-2, the highest derate possible.

Without doing an airport analysis for the B757 at MDW, since I Do not have
obstacle charts for MDW, a B757 is a very safe operation at MDW indeed.

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