Re: 737 with wire ant.

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:01 
From: (Paul Kearney)
Organization: Ireland On-Line
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: At 04:36 AM 1/3/97, you wrote:
: >I saw a 737-200 in Cancun earlier today with an antennae wire running from
: >the middle of the vertical stabiliser to the top of the fuselage.  I don't
: >recall seeing this type of installation on other 737s.  I believe that it

The older variety of 737200 has the capability for 2 HF installations.

Both  are wire Antennae roughly 66feet long of copper-clad stainless-steel
wire covered with a brown-coloured-plastic(normally).
The HF Antenna Tuner and Ligthening Arrestor are located in the fuselage roof
where the antennae feed-through-mast are located.,
The other end at the tail fin has a "weak-link" fitting so that if the wire
breaks for whatever reasons , then wire is expected to snap and the weak-link
will also give way and the wire should "fall away" instead of wrapping itself
around the tail fin.

The power is the same as normal 100-125 watts RF  3 phase 115vac feed.

In the old days when the 200 was King...(oh oh ,, I've said it now !! )
Airlines that flew over wide stretches of water would have afew of these
aircraft in their fleet.

Regards ALL