Re: A340-600X ???

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:01 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1997.117@ohare.Chicago.COM> 0 Falke_Charlie phone dist ( wrote:
> > high end of the B777 market.  Ironically, GE has yet to sign up a
> > customer to use the GE90 for the B777-300.  I wonder if GE will now make
> > a push for the GE90-100B since the A340-600X is put on hold.
>   Interesting question.  I'm hearing rumors they're trying to offer a
> clipped fan GE90 for the 767-400X.

I seriously doubt it.  First, I think the clipped fan GE90 would be
seriously overweight.  Furthermore, GE would have to go through ETOPS
testings again.  With the CF6-80C2 having the least IFSDs, I think it
would be stupid for GE to abandon the -80C2.

> I wonder also, how a heavy A330 with GP7000's might sell.

That will be interesting.  If that does happen and Airbus decides to
build the A340-600X, too, then the A330/340 family will concurrently
be offered with four different classes of engines (30-35K, 55-60K,
65-70K, and 76-80K) from five different vendors (GE, P&W, R-R, CFMI,
and GE/P&W Alliance) with seven different base models (CFM56, CF6-80E1,
PW4000, Trent 700, GP7000, Trent 900, and the newly proposed A340
engine from GE).  This would have to be a record. ;-)

>   Nifty web site you've made there, btw :-)