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Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:00 
From:         " Marc  SCHAEFFER" <>
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Up to now I haven't seen any picture or layout of the A3XX as a cargo plane. On
all passanger A3XX layout the cockpit is located between deck 1 and deck 2, not
an ideal situation to load cargo via the front.

If the A3XX cockpit stays at deck 1.5 for both the cargo and passenger
versions, there will be one or several cargodoors on the side.

Or Airbus will chose two different cockpit layout for cargo and passenger
version (unlikely) :

Two possibilities :

-They do like on the A300 -> Beluga and move the cockpit to the cargo deck.
-They move the cockpit of the cargo version to the top (let's call it deck
2.5), just like on the good old 747.

Since the A3XX is (will be) a new design, they should design it in such a way
that one cockpit fits all applications.

Just curious ...

Marc SCHAEFFER, Luxembourg // (

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