747-100 noise restrictions

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:00 
From:         Jan Willem de Wijn <pair@xs4all.nl>
Organization: PaiR Communicatie
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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is planning to make both an operational and
a financial distinction between aircraft movements with Boeing 747-100's
and other versions of the Jumbo. Aircraft noise appears to be the
governing factor behind this. 747-100's will be banned from the night
and will pay heavy surcharges during the day. Anyone know of other
airports where this distinctions is made ?

Also Tupolev 154M and Ilyushin 76 aircraft are included in the new noise
Schiphol restrictions. These restrictions are based on ICAO Chapter 2 of
Annex 16. It seems that both Russian aircraft are -despite their
noisy performance- regarded as Chapter 3. Anyone know of other airports
where Tu154 and IL76 are treated as Chapter 2-aircraft ?

Thanks, Jan Willem