Re: A330-300 of Air Inter

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:45:00 
From: (Ben)
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  or MIME structure (Patrick Robbe) wrote:

>On 13 Feb 97 01:37:41 , "Marc SCHAEFFER" <> wrote:
>>- Air Inter had 15 A330-300 on order, it looks like they have canceled
>>  the order.
>>- Who can tell me why Air Inter gets rid of the A330-300
>>  (no more needed, poor performance, ???)
>It seems that for political & strategic reasons, Air France
>headquarters decided that Air Inter (now known as Air France Europe,
>at least until April 1st...) would recentrate its activities on the
>national shuttles rather than on the european flights, so they decided
>that the A330 were not needed any more, and I've read somewhere that
>they have ordered A319 and A321 in place of the A330.

Not polical reason.
Air Inter crew is paid twice as BAW one. AFR will integrate ITF next
april in one airline with AFR salary. So; ITF assumes a reduce network
with shuttle system on TOULOUSE MARSEILLE NICE.

A321 have been ordered before A330. Now, ITF operates all its 9 A319