DC-7C Transatlantic Flight Questions

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:44:58 
From:         Tom Gibson <tgibson@sunstroke.sdsu.edu>
Organization: San Diego State University
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I realize that this is not in the area of modern commercial aviation,
but I'm hoping that someone will be able to remember ballpark numbers
for a typical DC-7C transatlantic flight (say, New York to London (BOAC
had them, and Pan Am too), or perhaps someone can dig out an old manual.

First, I'd just like a subjective opinion of what it was like to fly the
DC-7C.  Was it a joy to fly, or a real bear?  I know, for example, that
many pilots didn't like to fly the Viscount, because of it's 	quite slow
roll rate.  Did the '7C have any similar quirks?  Any good DC-7 or DC-7C
stories? <G>

I also need to plot a virtual flight in a DC-7C, and need the following
information (or a location for the info): (thanks in advance)

At max weight of 143,000 lbs, how long was the takeoff roll?  Was this a
typical weight on T/A flights, or what was more typical?

What was the climb rate, and at what engine settings? (throttle/RPM,
mixture, and prop controls are what I can control).  Did these change
with altitude?

What was the typical cruising altitude for the DC-7C, and what was the
service ceiling?  What were the typical cruise settings (RPM, mixture,
prop controls, etc.).

What was the typical fuel consumption at cruise (and at different stages
of the flight, if known)

What was the maximum landing weight?

I really appreciate any help that anyone can give me.  I'm also going to
be plotting flights in the future for the L1049G (transcontinental
non-stop) and for the DC-6B (say, from LAX to ORD (MID back then, I
guess!)), so I'd love similar info about those planes/flights as well.
Thanks again.

Tom Gibson

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