Re: DC-8-61/63 window question

Date:         01 Mar 97 02:44:57 
From: (Ray Clawson)
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On 21 Feb 97 01:10:41 , "Hans Jakobsson" <> wrote:

>I have seen that the two last cabin windows on each side on some stretched
>DC-8 (ex-Eastern among others) are closer together. Why is this (the same
>applies to the Lockheed Electra which has three windows very close to each
>other in the tail section)?
>Second question; does all Airborne Express/Burlington/Emery etc DC-8-63
>freighters have their windows plugged, or are the inside walls covered with
>plastic like some 747F's?

I can't answer the question regarding the windows on the passenger ac,
as I never flew the ac in the pass. configuration and never paid much
attention to the windows of the cargo 8's I fly now.

The inside of the cargo compartment (which is the old passenger
compt,) is covered with a fire resistant fiberglass lining called a
"Gill Liner" (I think that is the brand name)  The liner also covers
up the wiring, prevents boxes from puncturing the skin (in theory
only) and prevents the windows from being busted.  I think the windows
are still installed on most cargo ac, however I'm not sure.  I'll pay
a little more attention the next trip I fly.

Ray Clawson

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