airline and airport safety statistics--do they exist??

Date:         03 Jan 97 04:36:37 
From: (bill anderson)
Organization: McGill University Computing Centre
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I've noticed over the years that there are never any newspaper or magazine
articles comparing safety records of airlines or airports. I've never even
seen any reference to this in Consumer Reports magazine. I did a check in my
university library and came up with nothing.

The headquarters of ICAO is across the street from McGill University here in
Montreal. Being a statistics professor, I always thought that one day I'd
stroll over and get some interesting data that I could use in classes. After
all, this is information that affects all of us and one would assume it to be
in the public domain. I ran into an employee of ICAO at a party once (from
one of the member countries), and he told me that would be impossible, that
this data is secret.

So I've never actually tried at ICAO. But I'm very curious. And I would think
others would also be. Can it actually be that it is impossible to acquire
this type of information? Can anyone help me out on this?

Bill Anderson