Re: A330-300 of Air Inter

Date:         21 Feb 97 01:10:44 
From: (Carlo Reita)
Organization: Thomson-CSF, Laboratoire Central de Recherches, Orsay, France
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In article <airliners.1997.456@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
TUKANO  <immoeadj@cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE> wrote:
>Marc SCHAEFFER wrote:

>> - Who can tell me why Air Inter gets rid of the A330-300
>>   (no more needed, poor performance, ???)
>Air Inter is leasing out their A 330s, because the domestic french air
>market has changed. The time of the monopoly of Air Inter is over since
>1995, and competition means that they had to offer more frequencies vs
>big aircraft. Air Inter is not able to fill the A330s on Toulouse-Orly
>e.g. anymore. Their new strategy consists of putting a flight every half
>an hour, but it is economically (probably) only suitable with A319s or

As a frequent customer of AI I can confirm this analysis. Since 95 you can
choose between three companies to fly to Orly-Marseille (the route where
the A330 where mostly used, it is a 70 minutes flight) and the fare has come
down at least 30%. As a consequence, the AI A330 were mostly half empty.
The same holds for Orly-Toulouse, on which the first flight in the morning
is now done with a Fokker 100.
Air Inter, now part of Air France, is redefining the route and timetable
structure, going towards a system of shuttles on the main routes.
Unfortunately they maintain outrageous prices on the lines where they do not,
and probably will never, have competition(e.g. Orly-Grenoble, Orly-Strasbourg).
Anyway, at present, a series of strikes by the AI pilots unhappy with the
conditions of the merger is causing a decrease of traffic and a lot of hassle.
As another post pointed out, there are a series of links that have already been
abandoned in favour of the high speed trains (TGV) like Paris-Lyon (1.5 hour
by train, town center to town center), Paris-Lille (1 hour), Paris-Rennes
(1 hour) and this movement can continue for the destination that are at 2 to 3
hours away by train (Marseille is 5) if Air France does not provide an
improvement of the service. For the moment they have entered a 'bras de fer'
with the pilots, cancelling all flights anytime the unions call for a strike
(usually not more than 50% of pilots used to adhere to the strike).
The customer can only wait or go to the train station, the fares are lower,
the accomodation far better (TGV second class train seats are wider than
business class AF seats).
In my opinion, the train competition will be strong also on the Paris-London
route when the british will complete the high speed link between Dover
and London. Now it takes 3 hours and it will take about 2.25, to compare with
the time it takes to get from London center to HTW at 17.00.

  Carlo Reita