Re: Concorde diversion to Halifax?

Date:         19 Feb 97 02:46:26 
From:         "Tim Halen" <>
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Dieder Bylsma <> wrote in article
> Just saw a photo in a newspaper of the Concorde at an airport-gate in
> Halifax. Caption said that it had diverted to Halifax yesterday or the
> day before from London-NYC as a result of an emergency? Any details
> available?

Concorde was indeed in Halifax, last Friday I believe.  The news here
stated that the diversion was due to "problems" with one of its engines.  A
747 enroute to JFK was diverted to pick up the pax.  The aircraft remained
in YHZ for a day or two, and was then three-engine ferried to New York.

In a TV interview, when asked how he planned to spend his time in Halifax,
the captain replied (imagine this in your best English accent): "I plan to
go to the hotel, and order a large beer."


Tim Halen