Re: DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         19 Feb 97 02:46:24 
From: (Ray Clawson)
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On 13 Feb 97 01:37:42 , (Rich Nute) wrote:
>Somewhere, sometime, I was led to believe that the DC-8 has
>an APU, while the 707 does not.
>Without an APU, the 707 needs auxiliary ground equipment to
>get the first engine started, while the DC-8 could be started
>from its APU.
>If true, the 707 can only go to airports with auxiliary ground
>I thought this was a serious negative factor for airlines, and
>one big reason airlines favored the DC-8.

I don't think the 8 had an APU from the factory.  Some cargo 8's now
have APU installed in the forward belly compartment.  It provides both
air and electrical (AC) power

Some 8's had an "Aux. Manifold" installed.  A high pressure air bottle
for engine start where no ground air was available.  It was a one shot

Ray Clawson

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