Re: Caravelle of Air Provence

Date:         03 Jan 97 04:36:37 
From: (Ben)
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"Marc SCHAEFFER" <> wrote:

>This summer I made a picture of an Air Provence (APR / DG)
>Caravelle in LUX. One of my friends told me that this was
>the last Caravelle in service here in Europe.


>- How many and what planes does Air Provence have ?

two, F-GCVL, F- GCVM. the first one is owned by Air toulouse. I think
Air toulouse retook it. Air provence uses one

>- Where did they get the Caravelle from ?


>- Is this really the last Caravelle in service in Europe ?

Air toulouse owned 3 more. One was given to an association. 2 other
are stored in toulouse.

>- How many Caravelle's are still worldwide in service ?

about 20 in south america and africa.

>- Which company is the largest Caravelle user ?

Air toulouse