Re: Airbus A320

Date:         19 Feb 97 02:46:22 
From:         Steve Harvey <>
Organization: Teleserve Canada Inc.
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al M. wrote:
> Hello Everyone:-)
> Does anyone know if the A320 is considered a Heavy?
> I know about the weight classification but I am looking along the lines
> of the wind design, since the B757 is considered a Heavy Jet due to its
> wake..

The  757 is considered"heavy" by Air Trqaffic Sevices around the world
because of the wake turbulance caused by the 757's high lift wing.  It does
nasty things to other aircraft following too closely behind. Increasing
following distances to "heavy wake turbulance seperation minima" makes it
safe for other aircraftfollowing- not affecting the 757.  There have been
cases reported of Learjets rolling onto their backs following behind 757s!!