Re: Airbus A320

Date:         19 Feb 97 02:46:22 
From:         D Snow <>
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On 13 Feb 1997, al M. wrote:

> Hello Everyone:-)
> Does anyone know if the A320 is considered a Heavy?
> I know about the weight classification but I am looking along the lines
> of the wind design, since the B757 is considered a Heavy Jet due to its
> wake..

Not even close, since the A320 weighs out at 142,200 as it max landing

The "Heavy" moniker was arbitrarily place at 300,000 a long time ago, and
the B757 is almost a heavy at max takeoff weight.  Some B757s at American
Trans Air have a max takeoff of 255,500 lbs! (And I have the AFM to prove

Douglas Snow                       (Currently INOP)