Re: Blended-body snag?

Date:         19 Feb 97 02:46:21 
From:         Paul Michaels <> (Paul Michaels)
Organization: Celtic International Ltd
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"P. Wezeman" <> wrote:

Well snipped
>   Lockheed's drawing of a cargo spanloader showed standard 8x8 cargo
>containers loaded into a hollow wing spar, so the compartments were
>spanwise instead of fore and aft. Current drawings for blended-body
>airliners show passengers behind the leading edge of the center section,
>also with spanwise compartments. It seems to me that the main wing spars
>would be well positioned to take the tension loads from floor to ceiling.
>One of the advantages that has long been claimed for blended-body aircraft

I can't see many passengers wanting to sit far away from the center of
roll (except people who pay to ride rollercoasters). Wouldn't the
additional movement during even gentle rolling manoeuvres be
nauseating/frightening for the average passenger?
I'm thinking of how the airlines felt they had to blank the first
couple of windows at the front of a 747 (do they still do that?), this
would be much more likely to frit 'em up than just seeing the clouds
coming at you.

Paul Michaels, Aberdaugleddau (Milford Haven), Wales
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