Re: Is the 747-100 really "too" old ?

Date:         19 Feb 97 02:46:19 
From:         Ken Madden <>
Organization: University of North Texas
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Jean-Francois Mezei wrote:
> Recent news reports about TWA800 has shown one of the relatives speaking
> out on the 747-100 after a tour of the NTSB reconstruction site. He said
> that the plane was well past its planned lifetime and should have been
> retired years ago.

The ONLY problem with TWA's older B-747's lies in their fuel
inefficiency.  An airplane can last as long as an airline deems
necessary as long as it is maintained properly, and all ADs and SBs are
complied with on a timely basis, as all of TWA's aircraft are.  Check
out my WWW site, "Madden's Air Transportation Safety Resources" at

for brief discussions on the possible theories that brought TWA 800
down, but don't expect a sympathetic treatment of the static electricity
or fuel pump theories; these are so much BS created by minds with
nothing much better to do.