Re: DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         13 Feb 97 01:37:42 
From: (Andrew Muir)
Organization: Nobody but me
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In article <airliners.1997.394@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
   "Damon Marcus Lewis" <> wrote:
>Louis A. Ramsay <> wrote in article
>>      I think another consideration in re-engining the B-707 was the
>> height of the existing engine off the ground.  You can't add much more
>> engine diameter to a 707 before the lower part of the cowling will be
>> rubbing on the ground and, face it, the new engines are quite a bit
>> bigger in diameter.
Have you ever seen an E-6 or late E-3 (RAF of French)?  Thes are 707s with
CFM-56s under the wing.  The last civilian 707 built was a CFM-56 protptype,
707-700 built in 1977.  Boeing decided not to pursue the the airliner project
because it would have taken sales away from the 767 and 757.  The plane was
converted to a JT3 707 and delivered to the Moroccan Government in 1982.