Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         13 Feb 97 01:37:38 
From: (David M. Foster)
Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services
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On 31 Jan 97 14:29:21 , richard@rmit.EDU.AU (Richard A. Muirden)

>My mother is average. My brother is worse! He flew TG to Delhi a few
>years back on a MD-11 and thought it was a 747. I said "3 engines and
>no hump" and he had no clue :)

My sister's the same. She flew a LH A340 IAD-FRA, but to this day is
convinced it was a 747 because it was "big inside" and had 4 engines
not 3 -- which would've made it a DC-10.