Re: C-130s and other military aircraft

Date:         13 Feb 97 01:37:37 
From:         Jean-Francois Mezei <"[nospam]jfmezei">
Organization: SPC
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In <airliners.1997.374@ohare.Chicago.COM> Meg Appleton
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> >I was curious if the C-130's and C-141's have any commercial utility.

A C-130 aircraft in UPS colours was prominently displayed in a
documentary aired on the Discovery channel in Canada recently about
Keiko the whale who starred in the movie FREE WILLY (Willie being the
fictitious name of the whale, not an anatomical part:-).

UPS donated the transport of the very ill whale from Mexico city to
somewhere in Oregon (or Washington state?) right next to the coast to
a facility with cold enough water where she could be healed and taught
to fetch food for herself in the hopes of setting her free again one
day. (The waters in Mexico were too warm for the whale).

I do not know if UPS uses this plane regularly, or  if it was painted
"UPS" for that occasion only. The whale was placed in a sort fo
container half filled with water and ice for a trip which lasted about
16 hours from pool to pool with one re-fueling stop-over in Phoenix
(which required changing water in the container and adding more ice.)

The narrator said that the whale's trainers could not be on the same
plane because of weight restrictions, only pilots and 2 doctors + the
whale. I do not know to what extent this was true or not.