Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         03 Feb 97 03:18:35 
From:         "McElravy" <>
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> Even if the passenger does not remember the exact type of aircraft he
> was on, he will remember its inside layout. ("Oh, its that long narrow
> tube of 3-3" or "or, it is that sardine can with 5 people stuck in the
> middle").

Don't be so sure. I've talked to many people, most in my family, who don't
even remember that. My mother is one. Mom can rattle off the first hundred
subdivisions of the Dewey decimal system, but show her a picture of a
plane, tell her what it is, show her another picture of the same type and
she won't remember the name.

However, passengers do remember comfort. Mom doesn't remember ANYTHING
about the aircraft she was on during an Air Canada flight 25 years ago but
remembers every item of food on her plate and remembers that it was the
best airline food she ever had. If a passenger flies a 777 on United and
has a great time, chances are the next time he flies somewhere and the fare
is the same for United and another airline, the passenger will pick United
even though the flight will likely be on another make.

	Evan McElravy