Re: Bristol Britannia's

Date:         03 Feb 97 03:18:35 
From:         "Matthew Kranz" <>
Organization: HLC/Epoch networks
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John S. Maddaus <> wrote in article
> Used to fly into Greensboro, NC a lot.  Seemed like there were always a number
> of 4-engined planes sitting at the end of the runway, some with some very key
> pieces missing.  They looked like the old Bristol Britannia.  Anyone know for
> sure?  Also I never seemed to see any of them missing, i.e. presumably flying.
> Are they all derelicts and who owns them?  Just curious.

No, they're not Britannias. They are Canadair CL-44J's, owned by Tradewinds
International. Tradewinds used to be Wrangler Aviation, who used the
aircraft to ship denim to Puerto Rico and finished jeans back to GSO. (Or
something like that.) I have not seen these aircraft take to the air in
many years, but I do remember seeing them fly low over my house, their RR
Tynes making more nose than the jets! It was beautiful. They now sit
rotting in a corner of the airport, while Tradewinds only flies ther

--Matt Kranz, GSO
F/E 727