Re: Toilet sucks in child

Date:         03 Feb 97 03:18:33 
From: (MegaZone)
Organization: WPI Discordian Society, Undocumented Cabal of the Accursed Saint Shiranto Joe
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"[nospam]jfmezei" shaped the electrons to say:
>Excuse me, my how many people sit down with the legs totally parallel
>(as opposed to being spread somewhat ?) And if legs are spread open to
>some extent, I doubt even more that a seal could be made.

I'm 6'6" and built like a linebacker - I've been commonly described as

I don't have a choice, the average airline lavatory is so cramped that my
legs are *forced* together.  I couldn't spread them with the jaws of life.
And yes, it is rather annoying.

>doing, makes it even harder to form seal. And I won't even mention the
>fact that most people stand up to use toilet paper PRIOR TO FLUSHING.

Yes, but not all.  That's why this isn't common.

>been triggered while the passenger was still sitting down, I really do
>not think that a passenger would have had much trouble breaking the seal

There would be several hundred pounds of force holding them in place -
and this was a child.

>him/herself. Then again, someone stupid enough to be in such a position
>might now have the brains to free her/himself.

How dare you call someone 'stupid' for this.  It isn't that far fetched, and
you don't have to be stupid for it to happen.  Especially for a child, as
they generally like to push buttons, etc.  And since the average person
can't be expected to know how the system works, you can't blame them for
it.  If you flush the toilet at home while still seated it doesn't do any
harm, why should they expect a potential problem in the air?

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