Re: DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         03 Feb 97 03:16:35 
From:         "Damon Marcus Lewis" <>
Organization: DML Enterprises
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Louis A. Ramsay <> wrote in article
>      I think another consideration in re-engining the B-707 was the
> height of the existing engine off the ground.  You can't add much more
> engine diameter to a 707 before the lower part of the cowling will be
> rubbing on the ground and, face it, the new engines are quite a bit
> bigger in diameter.

I think they had the same problem with the change from 737-1/200 to current
generation 737's. The result, don't have a circular engine. The newer 737
engines appear flattened at the bottom. The engine accessories which would
normally be there were moved to the side. The result was good ground
clearance and a higher bypass engine.
Damon Lewis