Re: Cost of Unscheduled Stop?

Date:         03 Jan 97 04:36:35 
From:         Bob Mann <>
Organization: R.W. Mann & Company, Inc.
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Ken A. Nishimura wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, what is the cost (fuel,time,wear/tear on A/C,
> and of course in $$) for an unscheduled stop for refueling?
> For example, on a non-stop from SFO-NRT, if they have to stop in
> Anchorage due to headwinds?

Figure a round $10,000/hour wet for a B747.  Add a cycle to the
cycle-limited components, add time for deviation off enroute track,
approach, taxi in/out, departure, enroute deviation back on track, or at
least 1:00, even for easy in-easy out ANC.

So, it's clearly more than $10,000 in time and cycles, plus say $1500
landing fee, plus the fuel top-up at several cents/gal higher (times
X,000 gal uplift) than homebase prices, plus the caterer will probably
be called ($300 and up) to hit the plane for ice/beverages, plus if you
use a gate (as opposed to remote fueling), add that in, too.  $13,000
wouldn't be too conservative, or $30/seat, $40/pax.  Do it alot and
there go your margins.

- Bob Mann
  R.W. Mann & Company, Inc.