Re: Blended-body snag?

Date:         31 Jan 97 14:29:25 
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In article <airliners.1997.317@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Ostreger) wrote:

>How do the new blended-body airliners claim to handle pressurisation
>....This means near on a couple of thousand
>tons is trying to tear one apart, distorting it and - critically -
>fatiguing it.

Not a technical answer... but do wonder if a design could be
similar to a submarine.  The guts of the passenger/flight crew
pressure shell could still be cylinderical... although blended
with the whole 'wing'.

If part of the wing is used for passenger/pressurised cargo
area... then could low level flight/slow(er) speed minimise
the pressure differential?  Would it need to have a significant
increase in capacity to offset that 'slower' speed?

Mind... that's using present construction materials.

>(Conventional airliners have an equivalent problem, but
>their circular fuselage does not distort with pressurisation - though the
>Comet III exploded nonetheless!)   Such loads can be handled, but the
>structure to do it this so heavy that the other benefits look to be
>totally outweighed.

Are you sure it was the Comet III that exploded and not the
original Comet (I)?  In putting together the jigsaw puzzle of
that accident.. and another.. the foundations of present day
crash investigation were laid... and a better understanding of
fatigue problems... although far from perfect... I would guess.


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